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Intellify is an education initiative under Solve Foundation, initiated by the students and alumni of IIT Delhi with a prime motto of rethinking and innovating the learning.

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Amar Srivastava

Satvik Paramkusham

Avinash Bhutani

Vagesh Garg

National Science & Creativity Program

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Round 2

Finale of National Science & Creativity Program

Boot Camp 2018

Know from people who have worked with us!

  • A Participant, Class 9th

I have learnt many new things during this program. This was a whole process and not just an exam that you have to clear. We made a water purifier with bamboo stick, banana leaves and trash material!

  • A teacher

What’s better than seeing your students motivated towards learning something new. I was amazed when I saw them discussing about final round a week before the event.

  • Mr. Manish Sisodia, Education Minister, Delhi

There is a disconnect between ‘what and how we are teaching to our kids, the way exams are prepared and taken’ , and ‘what we expect from education to do for us’. It’s great to see that students from IIT Delhi are coming up with these kind of innovative education models.

  • Utkarsh Gupta, Intern

I think Intellify is taking a much required initiative to help improve our education system. Almost every sphere of life has been touched by technology but we are still teaching using very old techniques. And I think Intellify is rightly trying to change that and I am excited to see what will come from it's effort.

  • Shreya Johri

The internship helped me experience interaction on a professional platform. The interaction with teachers and principal from the perspective of proposing a solution was a whole new experience. Also, it helped me gain more confidence and put forward me view without hesitation.